Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!

"I'm so happy that Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year!" said no teacher ever.
 ~Author Unknown

Backward, turn backward,
O Time, in your flight
make me a child again
just for to-night!

~Elizabeth Akers Allen

On Hallowe'en the thing you must do
Is pretend that nothing can frighten you
And if somethin' scares you and you want to run
Just let on like it's Hallowe'en fun.

~Author Unknown

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday

For many years I was the leader of Veronica's Camp Fire club. She started when she was in pre-school and ended in middle school. It was so much fun being with the kids every week and planning adventures. We did a lot of really cool stuff, including learning to knit. 

The little one on the end is Justine who wasn't in Camp Fire but hung out with us every meeting. This was probably taken in 2002.

I happened to find this picture on the Camp Fire website the other day and I was surprised to see it hadn't been replaced with "newer" Camp Fire kids.  All these girls are college age now. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Candy Anyone?

In honor of Halloween around the corner, here is a list of my top Ten-for-Tuesday favorite candy bars and such! In no particular order:

1.  Snickers. (Also Justine's favorite.) How about this quote from a website on the top 13 Most Influential Candy Bars - More than 80 years after its launch in 1930, this Mars bar is the world's best selling international confection.  Yup.

2.  Reeses Pieces.  I like these better than the cup variety.  It's the peanut butter and that crunch they make.

3.  Dark chocolate with any kind of fruit flavor, especially those Brookside kind. The Goji/Raspberry variety are to die for!  Haven't tried them? Get them. Now. I also love dark chocolate with nuts, especially almonds or peanuts.  

4.  Milky Way. These just scream Halloween. I miss having little trick-or-treaters at home to steal these yummies from.

5.  3 Musketeers.  I used to eat all the outside chocolate off then eat the nougat inside. Used to, yeah right.

6.  Charleston Chew.  The love of these I blame on my sister. She re-introduced them to me a few years ago. It's considered an Old Time Candy, created in the early 1900s.  If you're scratching your head wondering what I'm talking about...go get you some and try them!

7.  Red Vines.  NOT Twizzlers or any other lame substitute...RED VINES.  Preferably in the tub variety from Costco or Target.

8.  Baby Ruth.  I'm sure you know...these were named for President Grover Cleveland's daughter, Ruth.  Not Babe Ruth. 

9.  Milk Duds.  This is my all time favorite movie candy.  If I go to the movies, I'm packing my Milk Duds.

10.  There is a candy store around these parts called Candy Kitchen.  When I'm at the beach with the girls, we usually make a run to this place.  They have the best "turtles".  They don't call them that, they call them Pecan Patties. Pecans, caramel and dark chocolate...oh my!!

Can you tell I love candy?  I have many more I love to munch, too.

What's your favorite?

Monday, October 27, 2014

So I'm Thinking...

I know this happens to you think you've forgotten something but you can't remember what, that thought burrows into your brain, grabs hold and won't let go. This happened to me a few minutes ago.

I'm baking pumpkin bread (again) this morning. I can't seem to stop baking pumpkin bread. It smells, looks and tastes like Fall.  I found a new recipe that takes the smaller can of pumpkin and makes only two loaves. It's from one of my Del Mar Fair cookbooks from my San Diego days.  My favorite recipe for pumpkin bread (my mom's) makes three loaves and since my freezer space is minimal, two loaves just suits us better. Anyway, so I'm going through the motions of making this bread Does that batter look right?, get it in the pans Something isn't right., about to place in the oven Hmm, should I double check I haven't forgot an ingredient? AND I can't shake the feeling I've forgotten something.

So I look at the recipe again, line by line to make sure I haven't forgotten something.

I did.

SUGAR.  Three. Cups. Of. SUGAR!

Godzilla strikes in the kitchen! Good thing I caught that...I poured batter back into the mixing bowl, rinsed out my baking pans, re-Pam'ed them, added the sugar, mixed well, poured back into the pans and put in the oven to bake off.

Hope they turn out ok. When you forget to add the sugar then add it afterwards, the best you can hope for might be "ok".

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Gathland State Park

A visit to Gathland State Park with MaryLou and Al!
The park consists of buildings designed and built by this man (on the left), George Alfred Townsend. The building behind them is a museum, but was closed on the day we were there (only open on weekends).  There was a tomb, ruins of a barn (made of stone) and more.
 We walked around the grounds and found the empty why it's empty:
 The sign above the door reads "Good Night Gath."
 Beautiful stone archway.
The Appalachian Trail crosses this park!  My first time setting foot on the AT!  Look!  I'm just like Bill Bryson!! (Read his book A Walk in the Woods for a good laugh and insight into man versus nature.)
The park offers overnight parking for those who want to hike overnight on the AT. There was a nice covered pavilion with picnic tables so we had a picnic lunch looking at the beautiful park and Fall colors.

The best feature of this park is The War Correspondents Arch.
More on that to come...

Thursday, October 23, 2014